LZW31-SN LED "bump"?

I’m replacing some Leviton dz6hd-1bz dimmers with LZW31-SN and one feature they have that I’d love to see is a “Load Type” that you can select between Incandescent, CFL, and LED.

The LED setting sends 100% power for a short time (maybe a few 100ms) when turning the load on, this allows for lower initial dim levels.

For example the switch I’m replacing will only go from cold-off to on at a minimum of 45%. But if I turn it to 100% and then immediately to 35% the lights stay on solid.

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After reading your post it explains the behavior I’m seeing in my non smart Lutron Skylark dimmer. I always wondered why it would flash bright before going to minimum dim level. I could see this being a nice to have feature.

This is interesting and apologies for not seeing it earlier.

@EricM_Inovelli & @Darwyn_Inovelli – this could be something we take a look at for our dimmer switches.


Thanks for the suggestion. We will look into adding this feature.

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Cool - this is similar to the feature I was referring to in point 2 of this post: