LZW31-SN max amps?


I have installed my switch to control an outdoor socket so that I can automate the christmas lights coming on some time after sunset and going off around bed time.
I would like to keep the switch in this location year round. It would be handy to be able to turn the power to the outlet on from outside rather than having to go inside each time I needed to use the outlet. But then I decided to see what the switch could handle for a load. I often use a pressure washer and sometimes a table saw plugged into that socket in the summer. So I think in the summer I am using around 13 amps of that 15 amp circuit.

It looks like the switch is only able to handle about 5 amps though. Am I reading that right?


A dimmer switch should never be used to control an outlet. It’s both a code thing and a safety thing. That would create a situation where someone could easily and innocently connect a large device (like a pressure washer or table saw… or vacuum cleaner, or a camera) to the outlet not knowing it’s doing to come on ‘dim’ on a timer, at which point the appliance and the switch are all damaged and everybody’s having a bad day.

At the very least you should be using an LZW30-SN (on/off switch). However that’s only rated for 600W incandescent so it’s probably not your answer either.

I’d suggest use the Red on/off switch and a 120v relay. The on/off only controls the input power to the relay coil (few milliamps), the relay handles the real load and can handle a table saw up to 1HP.

You could also try this 40 amp heavy duty module

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Thanks Chris. I will look into using a relay.

I used an IVac relay to do this in our garage to control the outlet on the outside of the garage where I plug in Christmas lights and tools in the summer. I could most likely have gotten a relay and a box to fit it for a little less but I’d have to work at getting them to fit together so this was easier.

In this picture the power to the LZW30-SN is 15amp and the power to both outlets is 20 amp, the inside outlet is always powered the outside outlet is powered through the relay that the LZW30-SN controls.

The night light tells me if the mailman has come yet and is easier to notice when getting out of the car then the notification light on a sunny day.

Thanks. I have to try to find something that can handle 15 amps @ 120v and fits inside a 4 gang electrical box (the box where my switches are). There is a fair bit of room behind the other three switches in the box.

@Chris @Terk Hello, I am trying to do something similar but I have the LZW30-SN controlling a 1 or 1.5HP pool pump would the RIB2401B Power Relay work for me? The 24VAC/120VAC coil throws me off.

Thank you

It looks like it should work. Just make sure the load never needs more than 20amp as that is the limit on the contacts.