LZW31 SN, Neutral, 3-Way Issues

I have two LZW31 SN switches both with neutral wires and both used in different 3-way circuits with the power and load in separate boxes. Both LZW31 SN switches are on separate circuits, but I believe they electrically interfere with the other circuit somehow. Problems only exist when both circuits are powered on.

I have an upstairs light switch Box A which is upstairs light (smart switch), upstairs fan (smart switch) and stairway light (LZW31 SN, power side).
I have a laundry room switch Box B which is stairway light (dumb switch in a 3-way, load side) and laundry room light (LZW31 SN, power side).
I have a laundry room switch Box C which is laundry room light (dumb switch in a 3-way, load side).

Issue 1) with the stairway light when the dumb switch is in a certain position say down, and the LZW31 SN stairway switch turns off the LED lightbulbs will glow slightly.
Issue 2) with the laundry room light if the dumb switch in a certain position the light will turn on for a few seconds and eventually turn off. If the dumb switch is in the other position the light acts normally.

When ringing out the wires in the original 3-way it was odd that there was voltage on the part of the circuit that should not have been used. The neutral wires in Box B are separated between the two different electrical circuits. Additionally, I killed the smart stairway light which was an on/off red series at the time (thank you for the customer support replacing the switch when it was definitely my fault). During that time, I pulled the air gap on the switch and the laundry room 3-way circuit had 0 issues until the other 3-way circuit was brought back online.

I really need some help sorting out the issues between these two circuits.

I only made it through the first paragraph and I think I might know the problem. The smart switch has to be installed where the line and load are both present.

On the second issue, make sure you have the setting for the max at 80. For some reason in a 3-way toggle setup the switch at 100% thinks it senses an off command when nothing happens. Refer to:

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The best way for us to help is to make a sketch of the wiring. At least for the interesting wires. Don’t draw the safety grounds (bare wire) as they only confuse the issue.

Thank you, I believe this has fixed my issue with the “laundry room light”. Since reducing the max output to only 80% I have not had the lights turn themselves off.

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Glad to hear. Just as an FYI, there is a pending firmware update coming to resolve this I believe. @EricM_Inovelli has more recent information than I do.