LZW31-SN no output on Load screw - used with Dummy 3 way and neutral

Hello everyone, let me first thank you for maintaining the conversations in this forum. It proved very helpful to me prior to recently purchasing my first Inovelli switch. As described above I am trying to use a LZW31-SN in a 3way application. FYI: I have submitted this for a help ticket.

Initially I was experiencing what I thought was intermittent operation where occasionally the Inovelli switch would be on but my light was off. As it turns out I believe the problem is limited to the LOAD output.

In an effort to diagnose the problem I have removed the switch from the wall and have a complete setup wired on my workbench. The wiring is correct for a series 2 switch in a 3-way application. The load is a 60W incandescent bulb. The operation on the workbench is exactly as when mounted in wall so I believe wiring was correct then and I am sure it is correct now.

After extensive testing I have determined that any time the LOAD terminal wire is connected to my light (3 way switch in this position) the light will not come on. Even though in some cases the Inovelli switch is on (Blue LED On full). When the Traveler output is connected to light, the light will come on when the Inovelli is on but occasionally it will flash before coming on.

What I have tried other that extensive voltage tests:
Checked switch config : 3way toggle
Checked wiring config : Neutral
Check config parameters 21, 22 both 1
Reduced maxim dim output to 80% – No difference (Except dimmer when on)

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or have seen similar behavior.
Thanks in advance

Here is the data from my voltage measurments. As you can see any time the LOAD output is connected to the lamp the voltage drops to near zero. There is only a slight difference when the output (Blue led ON) is on versus off. I ran the tests in 2 different scenarios as show in spread sheet. The first one begins the process with the dumb 3-way switch positioned so that the Inovelli load wire is connected to the light. The second set, I begin with the dumb 3 way positioned so that the Traveler wire is connected to the light.