LZW31-SN Possible Random Shutoff Solution? Also other weird behavior

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This is more of a FYI for you guys with the random shut-off issue. I was experiencing it as well, but my dumb switch is rarely used so I wasn’t too concerned, however in doing a change to my setup, the problem has seemed to go away.

Original setup: 3-way with dumb switch, Line/Load same box wired per diagrams, (6) EcoSmart LED bulbs (I can grab model numbers later), switch configured at the hub (Home Assistant) for neutral and dumb switch (set it off of defaults and then back to final settings to be sure). Remaining settings default.

Original Behavior: Worked as expected with dumb switch in one position, but in opposite position, lights would shutoff within a few seconds.

Correctly working setup: (6) Commercial Electric LED Downlight, switch configured at BOTH the hub and the switch. I haven’t had the chance to do a lot of testing of duration, but it seems to be working normally.

The Weird Part: The new lights will toggle between downlight mode, and night light trim lit mode by powering the lights off, and then back on again within a short period of time (I think it’s supposed to be 10 seconds or something). Attractive pairing those lights with this switch since I could write scenes to single taps to have it toggle between modes with a single press.

I installed these without changing any of the switch settings from the original setup, and it was like playing craps with the consistency of the lights toggling modes without scenes yet written in. First toggle, 4 of the 6 would change modes, next toggle only 2 would, never any consistency. At random distributions, the bulbs would occasionally not see themselves as actually having been turned off it seems, even though I could hear the relay switching. Even the 10 second “limit” you needed to toggle in didn’t seem to matter. I did notice trying to switch off and on too fast lead to the greatest amount of issues, with sometimes the bulbs not changing at all. If I physically unplugged the bulb and plugged it back in, it would change as expected.

During this time, while I was toggling at the dumb switch a few times, I didn’t see a random full shut-off, but it also wasn’t my primary concern at the moment so I can’t say I actually thoroughly tested if it was the bulbs that eliminated the issue.

What finally got these bulbs toggling between modes correctly and within the time frame required was setting the configuration of AC and switch type at the switch (which wasn’t matching the HUB based on purple LED flashes), and changing the ramp rate to “0”.

Let me know if there is any other testing you’d like me to try on my end over the weekend and I can give it a shot. With the mis-matching configurations, it seemed as though there was a load leak or something going on.

Initial results specific to the random off: no, programming both on the switch and in the hub does not seem to help for me… Is that what you meant?

Yes, though to be more specific, at both the hub and the switch, I changed AC to non-neutral -> saved -> changed to neutral -> saved, and switch type to ->single pole -> saved -> dumb switch -> saved. I believe at some point after that I pulled the air gap as well.

In two locations for me, I have had problems solved by not just verifying the settings, but moving them off the defaults and back to them.

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Ok, did exactly that (change to default, save, then change to the right setting, save), and for the past hour they’ve stayed on… Will keep an eye on it.

@anon64478871 Adding you to the tags on this. My bulbs are already switched, so I can’t confirm if switching the bulbs is what helped my random off issue, but maybe you can find someone else still experiencing the problem to test out the procedure on my second post in this thread.

My light’s overall behavior definitely changed once I altered and saved the settings on both the switch and at the hub. It’s seeming to me that hub and switch settings are not coordinating for parameter 21/22 and whatever is supposed to be the default settings may not actually be the default settings shipped.

Side note: can you tell when I was troubleshooting the dimmer and my new down-lights?

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I just started working with the company so I am not familiar with most of the newer devices just yet but it sounds like the original issue was fixed and that’s a good thing. I’ll keep a eye out for anyone else that runs into the same issue.

It seems that someone else reported something similar. At least it sounds like they had the same solution.