LZW31-SN: Possible to disable double-tap to clear notifications/indicator?

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Is there any mechanism to disable the ability to double-tap the configuration button to clear notifications/indicator? It appears that can still be done even when “Local Control” has been disabled. I understand that it’s not possible to capture and act the double-tap in the form of a Zwave message – that’s fine, I’m simply looking to disable it altogether.

I suspect this behavior is a function of the switch firmware and not the driver, but in case it matters I’m using a Hubitat C7 running I’m using the Inovelli-provided LZW31-SN driver.

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I’m not a Hubitat user, but here is the general idea. In SmartThings, for example, the notification is a child object that can be independently controlled. So to kill the notification with a double-tap, just configure the double-tap as a scene using a script, rule or whatever to turn off the notification (which in my case would be the notification child object).

No, you cannot disable that gesture AFAIK; It’s baked into the firmware. Depending on how much memory is left on the firmware, that sounds like a reasonable feature request to disable that when local control is disabled in a future firmware update.

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@Bry, thank you for weighing in, but allow me to clarify further:

Since there’s no state maintained anywhere on whether or not the “notification” (manipulating parameter 16 directly in my case, or switching the child notification devices to on/off in your case) has been cleared by a configuration button double-tap, I want to manage them myself via an app.

As such, my need/desire is to effectively disable the configuration button double-tap altogether.

Less ideal (but workable) would be if the switch generated a Zwave action when the configuration button was double-tapped, so I could then reach back out to the switch and set parameter 16 back to what it was.

Thanks for any insight.

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@darthandroid, thank you. Indeed, this lines up with my findings/experience. As you suggest, I do believe this would be a good feature to be added and would perfectly align with the behavior of “Local Control Disabled”.

I think I saw another thread on here regarding feature requests, I’ll go find that and add this suggestion.

Thank you for your insight.