LZW31-SN Red Dimmer 3-way with Dumb Dimmer

That sounds dirtier than I meant it to…
Anyway, no issues just wanted to say I had success with this configuration.
I really wanted the LZW31 in my kitchen by the garage entrance because I love the large LED strip. I use it to alert me of any open zones at night, lock up the house and arm my security system and that location is super convenient.
Unfortunately, I had a dumb switch there connected to a dumb dimmer on the other side of the room.
I was originally going to replace both switches with LZW31s but my the current dimmer has a physical slider for the brightness and the wife has become oddly attached to that (she says she can set it to the right setting in the morning before flipping them on…of course I realize I can automate that but I know when to stop pushing).
This is getting a bit long winded so let me wrap up. I replaced the dumb on/off switch with the LZW31 and got everything to work swimmingly after some trial and error. I HAD to bring in a new neutral and I’m not 100% sure how it is wired since all the wires were PURPLE!! but it worked.
I’ve had a few oddities and I’ve had to use the breaker to reset the switch if the parameters were wrong but it definitely works.
I just wanted to post this since the manual says NOT to do this. Good luck to any who try. I can share more details if anyone is curious.