LZW31-SN Red Dimmer Lights Flicker Seemingly Randomly

I have recently installed several various Inovelli switched to replace dead and dying GE Z-Wave switches in my home. After about a month I have noticed some weird behavior with the Red Dimmers only; they will flicker seemingly at random probably about once an hour. Its a quick flash the last proably less than a second but I notice it every time it happens. This does not happen to any of the Red or Black series non-dimmer switches I have installed. The two Dimmers that this happens to are configured completely differently too; one is a single pole with out a neutral, the other is a 3-way with a GE Aux switch and neutrals at both switched. I’m wondering if this may be a known issue with these switches or maybe a config setting that I might have missed? Any thoughts?

Switch 1 Setup

Switch 2 Setup

What firmware version are you on? I had some of this with 1.35 that came installed from the factory in 2019 but the 1.47 firmware no longer has this issue.

What hub are you on? You might need a z-stick to update if on ST.

I am on ST but both are already on fw 1.47.

This is just a guess. Does it happen at or near max brightness only? Maybe clip it?

I’ll have to keep this in mind next time I notice it happen but I don’t think it its at or near max brightness.