LZW31-SN Red Dimmer Parameter 1 & 3 Combined

I am trying to setup some LZW31-SN Red Dimmers and it appears that the Z-Wave Dimming Speed (parameter 1) controls both the dimming speed and the ramp rate (parameter 3). The goal is to have the switches turn on instantly locally or through z-wave, but still have a reasonable rate of change when setting the dim level.


  • 2 dimmers on version 1.57/1.45
  • 1 dimmer on version 1.48/1.45
  • Home Assistant 2021.9.7
  • Zwavejs2Mqtt 5.7.1
  • Z-Wave JS 8.4.0


  • Parameter 1 = 2
  • Parameter 2 = 101
  • Parameter 3 = 0
  • Parameter 4 = 0

Results: Local control turns the lights on/off instantly and can be dimmed at a reasonable rate. However with z-wave the lights will dim on/off and the duration of that time is dependent on the parameter 1 setting. Changing parameter 1 to 0 allows for instant on/off through z-wave, but changing the dim level is also instantaneous. This occurs with both the 1.48 & 1.57 firmware version switches.

From what I can tell, this is a HA/ZWJS issue. It seems to send a setlevel to turn the dimmers on and off which then uses parameter 1 and ramps them instead of sending an on-off which would use parameter 3.

Ah, that could be it. I see the Black On/Offs I have it toggles parameter 37-targetValue, but on the Red Dimmers it sets parameter 38-targetValue to 99 (or 0 for off). It does not appear that the Red Dimmers have a basic on/off parameter. Doing a direct on/off might not be possible.

I associated 2 dimmers and could get it to use parameter 3 over the association (one dimmer turning on the other) so the dimmer supports it.