LZW31-SN, single pole, flickering on full power, freezes

I’ve tried two Inovelli switches here:

I’m replacing an existing analog dimmer switch, single pole, no neutral. The existing one powers two dimmable LED bulbs, currently working fine.

With the Inovelli, I have Line (bottom left, white wire), Load (top left, black wire), and ground connected.

  1. On enabling the fuse box
    a. The connected bulbs are dimly lit, the switch has the dim blue light.
    b. The switch does not show up in pairing, unless I do the 3 fast clicks of the control button
  2. The switch works a couple of times turning the lights on or off, then freezes. On full brightness the dimmable LEDs are flickering

Any ideas? I thought this one was going to be really simple as it’s just a standard dimmable switch install.

You’ll need a bypass I believe. What’s your combined wattage of bulbs?

It’s powering two LED 60w equivalents, A19 style, which tend to be around 10w each I believe, so 20w total.

I’m not familiar with a bypass. Is that something I can install with the switch?

I’ll have to refer to the Inovelli team. I can’t remember the wattage requirements needed in which the bypass helps. I thought it was 6W, but maybe it’s more. If you search the forums for “bypass” you may find the answer quicker.

Hey @rowdster - @harjms has impeccable eyes. I didn’t notice the non-neutral setup when you first wrote this.

Yes, you’ll need a bypass for anything under 25W.

Shoot me a PM and we’ll get you squared away!