LZW31-SN w/neutral, (no load) won't save settings, association tool won't work

I had a 2-gang box for a ceiling light & fan. I installed the new Light/Fan combo and decided to add a Red-series dimmer (LZW31-SN) as a parent switch for a light across the room. I installed Line, Neutral, & Ground, but didn’t install a load. I set up the Association Tool (using SmartThings) to have this switch turn on two other lights, but can’t get it to work. I also noticed that when I saved my settings (ramp rate = 0 at the switch and z-wave command), the switch still ramps slowly. When I go back into settings, the ramp rate section says “tap to set” (https://imgur.com/YcgQxZF) as if I never set it, but when I open the settings, it shows “0” (https://imgur.com/mEusYnK)

Am I having this issue because I don’t have a load running from the switch?

In my experience I’ve been able to change Parameters 21 and 22 with no load attached. My experience is limited to Parameters 21 and 22, for no other reason than that was all I was interested in changing at that time.

Is the unit paired with a hub? Do you have the ability to “read” the parameter settings with your hub?


We can consider this resolved. After resetting the switch and cutting power (again) this seemed to fix the issue. The switch is still slow to save settings (takes several minutes for the changes to take effect; much longer than the rest of my switches), but the settings finally saved and everything works as normal.