LZW31-SN wiring guide?


I’m trying to install a new second-gen Red Series dimmer (LZW31-SN) in a three-way configuration with no neutral (at one location; I can use it at the other but don’t like that location and really hope not to need to do that). To manual says to go to http://inovelli.com/lzw31-sn/wiring for more directions than there are in the manual; unfortunately, that takes me to the directions for the Red Series switch, which requires a neutral and, I assume, may be different some (obviously at least the non-neutral) configurations.

Is there a correct link to the wiring guide for the Red Series dimmer?


Hey good morning!

Yes, apologies for that - I will be updating that link shortly (today) and will provide a redirect to it by this evening. Sorry for the inconvenience. With all the fulfillment going on, this one slipped my to-do list!

I will have it by EOD today, I promise.

EDIT: The link above has been redirected to the proper Dimmer Wiring Guide.pdf – thanks for your patience!

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ok! Joining the thread so I can get the response. I need the lzw31-sn wiring for missing neutral as well. Thanks!

LIkewise! Same boat. I just realized it was for the wrong switch at that link.

Also, the PDF that it goes to is a bit wonky and missing pages. Even my native Adobe Reader doesn’t easily display everything, but it was the only way I figured out it was the wrong document!

Yeah, I had a heck of a time loading the (wrong) PDF, too. Not sure what’s going on (maybe high-res images causing a large file size? but it doesn’t look insanely large…). It did eventually load, though. Better luck on my computer than on my tablet.

Hey all – I’m compressing the Dimmer Wiring right now, but in the meantime, here is the 3-Way and 4-Way wiring diagrams for non-neutral: