LZW31 Turning on then Off Immediately

Ah, yes I think the angle is making it appear white.

It’s blue. Just looks a bit white in the photo.

To solve this problem, go into the settings and adjust the max brightness down will it stops this behavior. I had a similar issue and found it was kicking in a safety when it was getting to bright. I can figure mine out a maximum of 80% brightness and have not had any issues since.


Just wanted to say thank you, and let others know that this fixed the problem for me. I set mine to 90%.

@Iotguy Thanks, this fixed the issue for me as well. It was turning off after about 2 seconds after I had set local default-on value to 99

I am having this issue, too. I have a non-neutral setup, with a 24W LED panel and an Aeotec bypass. Setting the max brightness to 85% keeps the switch from turning back off and flashing red, green, blue.

What’s the problem here? 24W should be no problem for the switch. Is this indicating a faulty switch? Or faulty wiring?

Had the exact same problem as OP. Same solution works for me! Thank you so much for posting!

I too had the same issue on a LZW31. Lowering the max brightness fixed it. Mine is a non neutral setup as well.

Hi all, just received a shipment of LZW31s switches and after installing my second dimmer I am experiencing the turn off issue. Here is my set up. The switch is set up in 3-way with dumb on the other end. Had to manually program for neutral and then for 3-way dumb switch mode after not being able to use the 3-way after following the basic instructions. Immediately started to experience the switch shutting off after lights ramp up to 100%. I have 6 incandescent 60w bulbs (360w) on the circuit. After doing some troubleshooting with the voltmeter the issue only persists on the load terminal and not the traveler terminal. Also notices that this switch was making a bit more buzz then the first install. Tried to remove one bulb from the light fixture reducing the wattage to 300w, same issue. Luckily I had another dimmer available so I replaced the first and everything seems to be working fine with the new LZW31. I would like to know if there has been any solutions to fixing these switches. I am not excited about limiting the max dim setting as the room needs the lighting. And I don’t want to go with LED bulbs for esthetics. The alternative is to just get a replacement if no solution to date.

Hey @M3mmer – which hub are you using? There are a couple of solutions here :slight_smile:

  1. Set the maximum value of the switch to around 80% – this should prevent this from happening
  2. There’s a firmware upgrade that we’ve been beta testing that will automatically set the max to 80% for you in a 3-Way setting.

@Eric_Inovelli : Running openHAB on pi here. I haven’t included the switches yet. Just doing the install right now. I used the troublesome switch in another room with an LED load and everything seems ok for now. I will watch it for a couple weeks and see how it goes. Really didn’t want to go down the route of limiting the max. Doing some multimeter testing on the load vs line terminal I am seeing about a 20volt drop through the switch. Seeing this I didn’t want to dim any further.

Ok, no worries, we can do this manually w/out pairing. Here’s a YT video that shows how to set the max level on the switch:

Here’s also a quick tutorial for you that should help:

Let me know if that works!