LZW31 - Wiring Confirmation (2 Load wires?)


I appear to have two load wires and no neutral so looking for a bit of help/confirmation.

When I wire the Inovelli switch with that configuration I get a reboot loop. The LED indicator flashes red/green/blue and powers the light on and off in a cycle. If I include the white neutral provided with the switch it fails to power on at all, unclear on what I have going on and am going to grab a multi-meter, but figured it may be worth having others take a look.

The bottom of the old switch is labeled ‘Out’ implying those two black wires on bottom are load.

ETA: Photos!


Where does it say out? It may say “COM” which could be line or load in a three way setup. This looks like the line side of the switch and the other BLK wire continues the line to an outlet or another switch.

Yep, except the other terminal looks like it’s connected to the neutral bundle???

Or the painters shot the hell out of it . . .

1 - Is this a 2-way installation? i.e. one switch

2 - Is that a 3-way switch? i.e. is there another terminal that isn’t being used. Trying to figure out why there is a black screw on the switch.

3 - You need to post better pics, please. Pull the wires out so all the connections can been seen, as well as into the box, all the way to the back. Your current picture looking into the box has the wirenut covering the conductor that needs to be traced. Pull that bundle out to the side.


I am honestly not 100%. If it’s configured to be a 3-way it’s one that has never worked. I can confirm I can kill all other switches in the house and this one (Hallway) keeps power. (In case it’s relevant, however, killing power at the breaker box does kill power for this switch and my kitchen lights, which are at opposite ends of the house).

Apologies, the wires that are twisted together are very taught so they don’t pull out of the way easily. Hopefully these help! Image of the old switch is outlined to show where it’s labeled and where the two black wires were connected originally. Nothing was wrapped around the ground screw.

Oof, that’s a 4-way switch…Do you have two other switches that you’ve been wondering what’s supposed to control?

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Well, now you know why it says “Out” lol.

I’m thinking that it was being used as a single pole.

OP, pls answer the questions on the drawing.

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Says “TUO” in a mirror.

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@harjms All of our switches control something but that may explain the two we have that seem to control a set of outlets only. I managed to confirm removing the pair of black wires (bottom right if looking at photos) does kill power to a set of our outlets in another area of the house.

The wire @Bry can’t see was indeed attached to the other terminal and aha. They were attached to one terminal. I have been thinking about this in the wrong way (terminal = where 1 screw meets plastic body and not each hole in for the wire.)

I am sorry, my brain has…a case of Monday. ETA: I am working! Pair of black wires (bottom right) needed to be joined (er pigtailed) and I also added a ground but it was already there in the box. Bulb also wasn’t 25W but that one was easy to suss out. Thank you both very much!

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Glad you got it going. That pair of black wires are the line. There are two because the hot is being sent down the line. BTW, you can use both holes on the back of the Inovelli instead of pigtailing. The line is that single black I inquired about.

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Noted, I’ll that way when I have another chance to play with the switch.

Many thanks to you both again!