LZW34 LED Strip, Max length when using unlit extensions?

So I know that the max lenth of the LED strips is 16’. However, I have run into a question. My lit run is 12.5’ however I need to jump unlit spans in 3 locations. If I use Inovelli’s 4 foot extensions on all three That would push me to 24.5’. I can imagine that extensions would shorten your max lit range a bit but I doubt it is a 1:1 loss as there is no power or signal lost to LEDs.
Is this something I should be worrying about? I don’t need 4’ for any of the spans. 2’-3’ at best. is it worth the effort to cut down the extensions? should I use non-Inovelli extensions to get proper custom lengths? thanks for the advice.

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I have not done a run that long with Inovelli strips. If you don’t hear back from someone that has done one that long, I suggest that you try it with the extensions you need before installing.

The gremlin that you will be fighting is voltage drop. The longer the run, the more the voltage supplied to the individual pixels will drop as you get farther away from the power supply. In an installation where there are no jumpers, the voltage drop is attributable to both the pixels and the copper. In your case, you are adding extensions so it is a matter of how much the copper alone will effect the voltage drop.

In typical LED installations, power is injected every 5 meters or so, but Inovelli does not have a power injection solution.

I would lay your strips out to the length that you plan on installing. Set them to a solid color like red and see if the red color remains true throughout the entire run. As voltage drops, the color may change and the pixels may start acting weirdly.

I have a spare strip I can test. List your exact runs with spacing and I can try it

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My current test setup in order is:
Controller, 4ft extension, 5x 12", 2x 6", 4 ft extension, 5x 12", 2x 6". Total length is 20’
Max output is 65% with stock white.
Max output is 80% when set to fully soft white (note soft white and cool white leds are used)
Max output is 99% when set to fully cool white
The moment you start shifting from fully warm to partially cool the output goes up. On a scale of 153 to 370, 325 is the max temp you get full output. Pictured below:

Max output is 99% when set to red
Max output is 99% when set to blue
Max output is 99% when set to green

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All of that testing was with the end cap installed. If you remove the end cap you get full output when set to fully warm AND the cool white leds do NOT illuminate! @Eric_Inovelli does that mean we should not use the end cap?!?!? Or when should we use it?

Edit again:
Sorry for all the spam. End cap doesn’t seem to be doing anything now. Bizarre.

Here’s my final configuration for full power with warm white:
Controller, 4ft extension, 5x 12", 2x 6", 4 ft extension, 7x 12", 2x 6". Total length is 22’ with 14’ of that illuminated. When I add another strip the level goes down.

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Thank you all for the advice. It works wonderfully. But before i close this out does anyone know how to utilize the pixel effects without a hub? Ill be setting one up soon, but for now…

Just changing through the pixel effects? Should be able to do that from the light strip controller itself. https://support.inovelli.com/portal/api/kbArticles/407409000017735021/locale/en/attachments/ko2kb7a3e9a2147334df6ac45cda03aa0b360/content?portalId=edbsn8bb12d5f5a97d693e61ce4ce8a23f8b0e323eac44a6c2794f893e912acf005df&inline=true

I cant seem to access parameter 31 with the included controller. Unless there is another method. As it is i seem to only be able to get to the parameters marked in Red om the manual.

I’ll see if I can mess with one of mine when I get back tonight and I’ll let you know if I figure it out, it’s been a while since I haven’t used one through the hub.

I must’ve completely misremembered trying that before and mixed it up with using my hub. That’s on me and you’re totally right…only the parameters in red can be changed at the controller.

Unfortunately all I can say is once you get the hub set up, it’s really awesome what they were able to accomplish with the light strip.