LZW36 and Alexa light dimming and fan speed [Hubitat]


I installed my first LZW36 to hubitat, used the requried driver and am able to properly control it via hubitat, both the fan and the light function.

On Alexa however, I can only turn the light on and off but cannot dim it. Alexa will say ‘Giest bedroom light doesnt support that’ - However if I bring up alexa on my phone, and view the device I can indeed dim it. How do I troubleshoo this?

The same goes with the fan, I can turn it on or off but not the speed (but can directly on alexa on my phone)



If you installed the current driver from Inovelli, Hubitat should have made 2 child devices under the Inovelli fan+ light, a generic component dimmer device, and a hampton bay fan component. Rename these to something you like (ceiling light, ceiling fan), and share these two devices with Alexa. I would would not share the main parent device with Alexa. Now you should be able to control the fan and light separately with Alexa.

yes I did that, in fact the light shows as a generic component dimmer, and the fan shows as Hampton Bay Fan Component

By voice have you tried percentages for dim levels instead of high medium low? If you have try the following.Unshared the light and fan with Alexa. Turn the fan and light on and off from the physical switch. Dim the fan and light up and down a few times, from the physical switch. Reshare with Alexa. Make sure Alexa recognizes the fan and light as dimmable devices and try again with voice. Sometimes Hubitat needs to see the child device capabilities, before they can be shard. I had a similar issue sharing with google. Google does not know high med low. It does know 33% 66% and 100%.

So its working now but I did absoluetly nothing. Not going to complain but I did nothing to fix it, now it works :slight_smile:
Will be installing 3 more of them this weekend.

When you say it is “working now” what do you say to Alexa/Google? Can you use “low” “med” “high” or do you have to say 33%, 66% and 100%?

I’m wondering if I can create an Alexa/Google Scene or Routine where the phrase I say is “Alexa/OK Google, Ceiling Fan to Medium”, etc.

I can’t speak for Alexa, but I’m using the Google Home community app in Hubitat and just confirmed I can tell it to turn the fan to low/medium/high and it adjusts automatically between the appropriate 33/66/100% level with the LZW36.

Did you create a routine for that? I tried telling Google to set a fan to medium and it said it couldn’t do that, but did work when I said the percentages.

I don’t have a routine, but I am using the community developed app and have it set so it recognizes it as a fan along with those parameters, I suppose in that way it somewhat covers what you’d be doing in a routine -

If you’re using the default Google Home app they’ll be listed as lights, which could make sense for it to be doing a percentage as if it was a light and dimming to the appropriate level.