LZW36 - And Three Way switch

Nope, didn’t feel that it was heated.

As for what Hub, I’m using Smartthings.

I’m thinking at this point I would have to disable the relay on the Red Dimmer, and associate it. This is neat, and I’m going to have to think about how I want to do it. I can’t do my usual install and then figure out how to use it.

I’ve used a three wire AC cord (like from an old computer or sacrifice an extension cord etc) to connect a dimmer on my desk. A simple wrap in tape to keep you from touching the terminals helps.

I can test to my heart’s content without actual installation.

Might work for you.


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Hey Eric,

Yes, including support for this would be a good thing. I have a three way where I’d like to be able to control at least the light and have wired in to Red Dimmers to do so. It obviously does not work through group associations, but would be great if it would. Current setup is for a switch press to make a trip to the controller and for the controller to switch the light, not my preferred solution.

I do like the idea of using another LZW36 to control the fan and light…but don’t want to buy one with a canopy module. Any plans to sell them without a canopy so solutions like this can be supported?


For sure, it is feature we plan on adding in the next firmware release. We currently have a lot of resources pointed at other projects since we just wrapped up several changes on the switch and dimmer line, but we will circle back to them as soon as possible.

Please don’t add issues, add features instead. :smile:


LOL, see, resources are so scarce my brain can’t even function.


Hi @EricM_Inovelli, is there now a timeline for the firmware update to support multi-channel associations for the switches and dimmers? Thanks!

Just adding a vote to program in the ability for a Red dimmer, LZW31-SN, to be associated with the light of a Red series (is there any other? :-)) fan/light, LZW36. I have a fan/light in a den with no windows and the switch is behind the door so its a bit of a pain to get to the switch to turn on the lights in that room. There is a switch in the hallway outside the door, that was wired to do doing something else that I’m not using. I’m using a Rule Machine rule in Hubitat to configure a button device to set #1 pushed to turn on the light child, and it works, but it is a bit slow. (Though I have to still find again the discussion of what param to change to speed up the fan/light turning on faster). But, I know that associations are faster and are non-hub dependent.


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@skarden, if you’re not using the hallway switch box, could you relocate the LZW36 there? In the box behind the den door you could just put in a blanking plate, with the hot and neutral wires connected fulltime. Since the LZW36 communicates by RF to the ceiling module, they don’t need to be on the same circuit, just within 10 meters (32.8 feet).

I actually use them both. I use the RD to turn on the light from outside the hall, but once in the room I don’t want to go back out in the hall to change to light or fan speed. That’s especially true as my grandson stays there when he comes visit so he can have a dimmable light he can control from inside the room as well as adjusting the fan speed (both of which were on pull chains that he couldn’t reach before - and frankly were a pain us us grownups too. So the combo fan/light control is soooo welcome.)

So it’s all good, except for the time it takes to turn the light on, but I know there is a tweak for that which I have to find again.

Hi @EricM_Inovelli, Regarding the issue where sending a Group 2 (and probably other groups) command to the LZW36 controls BOTH the fan and the lamp: Would it be possible to add a firmware parameter that would “steer” the group command to only one of the light or the fan (the default would still be both)? This would allow existing switches that don’t support multi-channel group association to work with one or the other. Just a thought :slight_smile: