Association between LZW31-SN and LZW36

I have a couple of LZW36’s, each controlling a ceiling fan/light kit, with dumb LED bulbs. They work just fine.

This weekend I installed a number of LZW31-SN’s, and in two cases they do not have loads connected, the intention was to use associations to create a 3-way, to control the light kits on the ceiling fans.

I have a HUSBZB stick, with zwavejs2mqtt and Home Assistant. I have two issues:

  1. For the LZW31-SN, I set association groups 3 & 4 with the LZW36 as the target node. When I turn on from the dimmer, both the lights and fan turn on. Is there a way to associate to JUST the light portion?

  2. For the LZW36, when I create a new association in the Z-Wave JS control panel, no Groups are listed (the existing Lifeline group is in the list of associations, I’m referring to the Add dialog in the Group dropdown.) It just says “no data available”. So I can’t set associations back to the dimmer.

Am I trying to do something that just isn’t going to work? I guess I could come up with automations in HA to try to sync them but not sure how easy that’s going to be to keep the LED’s in sync.

Unfortunately controling just the light from another switch (other than a other LZW36) is not possible at this time. See: LZW36 - And Three Way switch - #14 by EricM_Inovelli

But it could potentially be in a later firmware release.

Would it still be possible to get this feature @EricM_Inovelli ?

You can use the hub to do this, but not via z-wave associations.

Got it thanks - will figure out some automations to cover this.

Sadly the hub adds delay over association. I’m holding out for that future firmware release that could add support for this.

60-100ms round trip, sure (as tested). All I am saying is its a CURRENT solution. Having association would be better, but there is a workable solution with VERY little delay that can be done today.

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