LZW36 and Unifi Users

Hi Everyone! There is a discussion thread for Canopy Disconnect issues, and there appear to be a lot of users that have Unifi APs. LZW36 Fan/Light Switch Canopy Module Disconnection Issues

It’s been stated that the manufacturer has validated there shouldn’t be any RF interference issues, however I thought it might be useful to enter our Unifi Setup info in this thread to see if there are any similarities in our setups.

  • Are you having Canopy Disconnect Issues?
  • Number of LZW36 Switches
  • Model of AP and quantity
  • Firmware Version (New firmware came out today 7/7/20)
  • 2.4 GHz Channels being used
  • HT20 or HT40 Channel Width
  • Total count of 2.4 GHz Clients
  • Any unique SSID configurations like BSS/Beacon/DTIM/etc
  • Pic of RF Scan

EDIT: Added number of LZW36 Switches and Canopy Disconnect Issues



1x AP-nanoHD
2x AP-HD-In Wall
1x AP-AC-Mesh

1,6,11,11 - Channel 6 is physically the closest to the switches



BSS Transition Enabled
DTIM is set to 3

My house has Ubiquiti gear throughout: 8 Access Points: 3 UAC Lites, 2 Outdoor Mesh and 3 In-wall. Running 4.19 (not sure the exact number, but it’s not the one from today). I have the AI installed to distribute the channels around, but had initially set everything up with HT40 (on 2.4GHz side). Don’t ahve any unique SSID configs, though I am running RADIUS and putting devices into vLANs. I’ll have to get a pic of the latest RF Scan, but did run it and didn’t notice anything abnormal.

That said, I do NOT have any issues with the LZW36 (so far).

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1x UniFi AP-AC-Pro
1x UniFi AP-AC-Lite

Originally Set to Auto
Revised revised Channel 1



Separate SSID for 5 GHz Clients

Further more i disabled the 2.4 GHz frequency on the AP closest to the switches and the disconnection have dropped off significantly, but not gone…

The disconnect issues appear to be resolved with a new firmware update. I have applied the firmware and have been running reliably for multiple days. I will mark this as solved.

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