LZW36 & Fan Buying Guidance

I’m looking for any help or guidance when it comes to buying a fan that can support the LZW36 module. I took down my existing Harbor Freight flush mount fan (like https://www.lowes.com/pd/Harbor-Breeze-Lynstead-52-in-Oil-Rubbed-Bronze-LED-Indoor-Flush-Mount-Ceiling-Fan-with-Light-Kit-5-Blade/1001051900 ) only to realize there is no mount like the one in the LZW36 instructions to place the fan module. I’m actually OK buying new fans, but I don’t know what to look for.

Do I have to stay away from flush mount fans?

Can I just buy a mount that would hold the module and add it to an existing fan? https://www.lowes.com/pd/Harbor-Breeze-Ceiling-Fan-Mounting-Kits/4745187

I’m currently looking to buy this Hunter Kensie fan

Anything else to know? I’m basically willing to do what it takes to use the LZW36 switch and fan module.

This Hunter Kensie fan https://s7d5.scene7.com/is/content/HunterFan/3806-01pdf

Did you see if you could still fit the canopy module? There looks like a lot of room in the manual for that fan, so may just need to zip tie it to the mounting bracket to keep it secured.

I need to find a fan that has a drop down like the fan mounting kit like you showed in the second link or use the zip tie idea above. I only buy (bought) flush mounts previously when I didn’t have vaulted ceilings or higher than 8’ ceilings. Otherwise, they were always at least a 6" drop.

I would buy a fan that does not have integrated LED lights that you can’t replace. Anything with a A19 socket (or similar) should be good to go. Otherwise you may find yourself having to install an Aeotec Bypass to keep the light from staying dim 24/7.

I picked up one of these:


…and one of these:


The bigger one comes pre-wired for its included remote receiver, but the wires are standard colors and you can cut the connectors off to connect with the LZW36 canopy module. They both use regular light bulb sockets, and I am happy with them so far.

These fans are convertible from downrod to flush mount by taking a few screws out, and the procedure is clearly described in the manual as well as on the Home Depot web site in the 44" fan installation video.

I’m happy with them so far, and plan to pick up two more to replace old fans in our remaining rooms when I get around to installing our remaining LZW36’s…

I did end up using double sided tape to stick it to the mounting bracket. There wasn’t good option to ZIP tie it.

I bought one of these to go with the fan switch I picked up a few weeks ago… Sadly, I should have paid more attention…

It does not have a canopy module like most others… the module it built into the motor unit…
Being that the switches use RF to communicate with the Inovelli canopy module… is there a way to pair the RF switch with the built in receiver of the fan… I know the answer… but I can hope… it’s a nice fan that matches the decor of the room. It does have an odd start up… where the motor rotates back and forth to sync before starting normal operation…

@ljvb That IS a nice looking fan. Unfortunately, this fan has a DC motor, which would be incompatible with the LZW36.

I wish the companies making these DC motor based fans would either create a Z-wave/Zigbee interface or leave hooks for 3rd party vendors to create them…

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Can someone by chance list the dimensions of the fan canopy module? Would like to get an idea if I’ll be able to stuff it into the fans I have.

Imperial (inches)
Height = 1"
Width = 2"
Length = 4.5"

Metric (mm)
Height = 25.4mm
Width = 50.8mm
Length = 114.3mm

I got a minka aire pure. Worked with more than enough space - you could fit 2 modules in with the room in that thing.