LZW36 Fan/Dimmer Switch Humming

I installed the LZW36 this past weekend, and I must say I love it and it checks all the wife’s boxes for a switch.

An issue I am noticing is that I hear an audible high pitch “humming” sound when the lights are dimmed. It is not audible when the lights are off or when they are at 100%. It is coming from the controller box. Could I have wired it wrong, or is this expected behavior?

I have just finished installing an LZW36, and I have the same buzzing or humming on the wireless receiver box as well. The same conditions apply. Lights, full or off, no buzzing, but any state of dimming, I have a buzz. This is with a Harbor Breeze light, fan combo.


I recently received this message from support about this issue:

“So the sound you describe is the canopy module’s driver. This sound is completely normal.
LED drivers are known to make slight buzzing/humming noises while operating, especially while dimming down low.
There are settings provided in the switch that allow for precise control over the dimming features to help mitigate these issues.
I would recommend adjusting those to see if you can find a setting that works best for you.”

I have not looked changing the settings yet, but I will likely just move the module to the attic where I will not be able to hear the humming anymore.

My feelings exactly. The buzz is way to loud to put the receiver anywhere but in the attic.
I also decided to have no dimming capabilities and turned the light switch to pretty much to just an on/off switch. I had the same lights flashing when anything but full that others mentioned.