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LZW36 Fan/Light Switch Button Mapping?

I can’t find the Button Mapping for this new device. I would assume it is something similar to the Red Series Dimmer but there are two controls switches on this new Fan/Light switch for both the Fan and Light so do both switch child devices have the full range of button mapping like the LZW31 Dimmer?

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Check out:
Inovelli Toolbox
From there, the mappings are

Button Press Scene ID Scene Data
1 x Light 2 7680
2 x Light 2 7860
3 x Light 2 7920
4 x Light 2 7980
5 x Light 2 8040
Light Hold 2 7800
Light Release 2 7740
1 x Fan 1 7680
2 x Fan 1 7860
3 x Fan 1 7920
4 x Fan 1 7980
5 x Fan 1 8040
Fan Hold 1 7800
Fan Release 1 7740
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I assumed incorrectly they were mapping the increase-decrease switches for both the light and fan thinking that was the logic they used in the LZW31 Dimmer switch.

The documentation says in the section about “Getting to Know Your Switches” that those dimmer switches could be used in a scene control with a single press? I wonder what button map is?

Thanks @bjcowles for the post and @nathanfiscus for putting together the excellent resource. Inovelli @Eric_Inovelli ought to reference that in their online documentation of all their switches.

I have smart bulbs in some of my fans so I also need this mapping to setup my automations.

LZW36 Fan\Light Combo Dimmer Button Mapping
for using in Rule Machine automations

Action Button # Event
Tap LIGHT 1x 1 Pushed
Tap LIGHT 2x 2 Pushed
Tap LIGHT 3x 3 Pushed
Tap LIGHT 4x 4 Pushed
Tap LIGHT 5x 5 Pushed
Hold LIGHT 3 Seconds 8 Pushed
Release LIGHT after hold 6 Pushed
Tap FAN 1x 1 Held
Tap FAN 2x 2 Held
Tap FAN 3x 3 Held
Tap FAN 4x 4 Held
Tap FAN 5x 5 Held
Hold FAN 3 Seconds 8 Held
Release FAN after hold 6 Held

Good grief this was so easy to figure out on your own. All I needed to do was do all the multiple taps on the buttons and go back and look at the Events tab for the Fan/Light switch. The Event detail makes it snap to see what Button number and Event is being seen for each unique multi-tap. This is why I love my Hubitat. :blush: