LZW36 fan/light switches new Edge driver with SmartLighting


I’m using SmartThings and since I reset my LZW36 fan/light switch, I’m now on the new Edge driver.
Before, with the old driver, I had 1 separate light element and 1 separate fan element. Now, with the new Edge driver, everything is in the same element that contains main, light and fan.
I have some questions about how it works:
How can I set the mirror mode for the light only and not the main?
How can I manage the light or the fan only with a button?
Currently, with SmartLighting, only the main is visible.


I have the same problem.

Similar issues above with some work arounds. Seems like there is a fix in the works!

In the new Smart Lighting app I am able to see the light and fan as a separate switch, but when I mirror them to a virtual dimmer it doest work correctly, it turns both on and then only turns one off.