LZW36 fan/light switches new Edge driver with SmartLighting


I’m using SmartThings and since I reset my LZW36 fan/light switch, I’m now on the new Edge driver.
Before, with the old driver, I had 1 separate light element and 1 separate fan element. Now, with the new Edge driver, everything is in the same element that contains main, light and fan.
I have some questions about how it works:
How can I set the mirror mode for the light only and not the main?
How can I manage the light or the fan only with a button?
Currently, with SmartLighting, only the main is visible.


I have the same problem.

Similar issues above with some work arounds. Seems like there is a fix in the works!

In the new Smart Lighting app I am able to see the light and fan as a separate switch, but when I mirror them to a virtual dimmer it doest work correctly, it turns both on and then only turns one off.

Has this issue been resolved yet?

I have several LZW36 Fan/Light controllers and love them. Had to re-connect two of them to my SmartThings hub (post Groovy/IDE discontinuation). I installed the new Inovelli Edge driver to my hub and added the switches. They now show up as single devices and I can’t seem to control the fan and light separately. The LZW36’s that remain connected from before are still showing as two separate devices.

Any ideas?


I’ve just noticed that there was an update to the Edge driver on 2023-05-24 and that now, in the Fan+Light switch settings there are 3 new properties at the end that correct this problem.
“Separate Light Device”, “Separate Fan Device” and “Disable Root Endpoint Control”.
By changing the values to “yes” for “Separate Light Device” and “Separate Fan Device”, 2 new dimmers are created to control light and fan separately in the same way as the old Groovy driver worked.
The fan even works better than before, since it now has the values “off”, “low”, “medium” and “high” instead of having a dimmer from 0 to 100.

Good job! :slight_smile:

My driver is dated 2023-06-13 and I do not see these options.
All I have for controls is the on/off button, the Timer button, and the Dimmer % slider.
Under Edit is just the name, location, and room.

Where are you seeing these settings?


On your fan+Light switch in SmartThings, your Edge driver can be seen here:

With these driver I see on the switch parameter those options to separate light and fan from the main switch:

I was able to create the child switches but the driver doesn’t seem to let me change the fan speed. I tried using a different one.

Also when I connect switch to google home , the fan is a switch and I can no longer control the speed with voice.


Hello @johnecassin,

I don’t think it’s a good idea to choose a different driver for the LZW36 fan/light switch, since this driver is made directly by Inovelli to control the switch they developed themselves. So I think it’s a better choice to keep this driver.

For the Inovelli Edge driver, did you let SmartThings change it or did you start from scratch and remove the switch from the network and reintegrate from zero with the new driver?
For myself, I started by trying to use the transfert to Edge driver made by SmartThings since I had a lot of automations and didn’t want to recreate them all. But I had so many problems that I ended up taking printscreens of all my automations and reinstalled my switch from scratch. Since then, everything has been working fine on my end.

For Google, perhaps your fan is considered a switch. To try and solve this problem, in the Google Home application you can click on the gear in your fan switch and in the device type, select fan. This may solve your problem. For me, it works fine this way.