LZW36 lag after button press

I’ve got 3 LZW36’s installed and I love them. My Kids however aren’t patient and hit the button over and over and tell me the lights broken. I’ve noticed there is a lag of at least 1 second between pressing the button and the light coming on, so they press the button over and over and the light doesn’t turn on sometimes because they’ve pressed it an even number of times. I’ve got the “light ramp rate” options set to 0 for instant on on all three switches. This improves the problem, but does not alleviate it.

Is this due to with the Scene Reset Timeout?

I know with the LZW30-SN you can disable Scene Control. This removes the 700ms delay when turning on the light. You can do this via the config button. If you have the smartthings hub you can disable this via the app too. Which hub do you have?

Home Assistant

If you have the ability to update the firmware, we made an enhancement similar to what @stu1811 is talking about in that you can remove the 700ms delay (at the sacrifice of some scene control) for more of an instant-on.

I think if you have a Z-Stick and are using HA, you should be able to update the firmware fairly easily.

I originally had turned the ramp rates to 0 too then I updated our LZW36 when the firmware first came out to allow turning off the 700ms delay and the lights on the fan switch on/off as fast as a physical switch now!

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