LZW36 Light blinks every once in a while

Hi, I recently installed an LZW-36 to solve my dumb ceiling fixture! It is pretty awesome, but I have had a few issues that I would like to see if we can resolve before I finish writing a review for it. (still a positive review, but I want to remove as many cons as possible)

  1. Using the fan on a low setting causes it to hum, a common issue with using an ordinary dimmer switch with a ceiling fan. Is the canopy module supposed to remedy this, or is it a sacrifice of having a smart fan switch?

  2. The Fan switch has a very long delay, over two seconds most of the time, when turned off or on. Is this just a consequence of the RF communication?

  3. The Light will blink occasionally. I have all the necessary wiring, neutral and all, so I found this surprising. It doesn’t flicker, just blinks once. It has happened a few times an hour before, yet also not happened for multiple hours before. I am working from home in the room where the switch is installed, and I keep my light at 100% the entire time so I have a lot of time to notice such a hiccup.

I appreciate any guidance or help that can be provided for the issues listed above. Thanks!

My fan does not hum on low, at least not the one in the room I am working in right now. This switch also does not have much of a delay, seems to respond quickly to my button presses. Maybe play around with some of the switch settings to see if you can get it to respond better.

I do have the light blink, and there is a bit of a discussion in another thread about this. I put in 3 new switches and 3 new fans the same day. They all blink exactly like you are describing. I feel like it is something they will likely address in a firmware upgrade, or honestly, could already be addressed with the new firmware that is out, but I have not had time to upgrade my switches yet. Last I checked noone from inovelli had replied in the other thread. Hoping to get a response about that soon.