LZW36 Light & Fan Light Bulb Recommendation

Hi All,

I purchased several LZW Light & Fan kits and for the most part they are working quite well. However, I have run into an issue where the lights will very rarely (few times an hour maybe) flash off for a split second then back on.

I’ve tried adjusting the brightness level down to even 60% max for both the light and fan, but this has not resolved the issue. I originally had some Phillips bulbs in there with the problem for reference (https://www.energystar.gov/productfinder/product/certified-light-bulbs/details/2323633/export/pdf). Next, I looked up the issue and tried to find a list of compatible dimming soft white bulbs on the site and I did find some lists for the red series. I purchased some CREE bulbs (A19-60W-B1-27K-E26-U4 ENERGY STAR Certified Light Bulbs | EPA ENERGY STAR) from Amazon but they seem to have the same issue. I’ve re-checked my wiring and everything looks good. Neutral/ground/all wires connected securely. I’ve only tried replacing the cree bulbs in one room so far.

Are the bulbs I bought the wrong kind? Does anyone have a list of soft white bulbs that are confirmed to not have flickering issues in the LZW36 series? Any help here or additional ideas would be appreciated as the flashing issue is extremely annoying and enough to make me want to scrap this entirely if I can’t solve it :frowning: .

I am looking for compatible bulbs as well. I am currently using 3 associated LZW42s (Groups 2 & 4, Group 3 I can’t get to work at all with this switch) but they are just too flaky being associated with this switch. The first 2 turn on and maybe 30 secs to a minute the last one pops on if at all, dimming is too unpredictable.
I didn’t get these results when I had a Red series dimmer associated (group 3) to the same bulbs, which resulted in smooth in sync dimming and off/on.
I am looking at changing to regular bulbs now as the popcorn effect and delays with LZW36 associations are becoming unbearable and the WAF has plummetted. Looking for anybody who has found bulbs that dim to a respectable low level and operate as they are intended without buzzing and flashing.