LZW36 Losing Pairing With VeraEdge

I successfully paired the lzw36 with Vera Edge which held for several months, then I
received the “can’t detect device” message. I then repaired and set the polling to 15. it worked fine for a couple of months then lost the connection again. I have experienced this problem multiple time and have unpaired/repaired successfully but I’m getting frustrated. Vera Edge is within range and the switch controls the canopy fine. I am not a zwave expert nor have I needed to be with all of the other zwave devices in my home. I’m looking for an easy fix Is there any? Thanks.


H @briceh2, when the problem occurs can you try to pull the air gap out of the device and push it back in? I know that isn’t a solution but I am curious as to whether that will make a difference.

Pulled air gap for 5 sec and pushed back in. T he device reconnected with the hub and is working normally. Yes, while not a solution, it beats pairing and re-pairing each time. If this is the temp fix that works every time, I can live with it. Thanks Eric

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@EricM_Inovelli I have been having tons of issues with my LZW36 losing pairing to Home Assistant. Pulling the air gap for a few seconds also seems to have cleared things up (for now).