LZW36 - Lost Medium Speed

LZW36 switch, purchased during preorder, running stock firmware and I’ve recently lost medium speed both locally selected and set via z-wave. Behavior does not change whether set locally or remotely. Here is the scenario:

  1. From Off to Medium > Slow fan turning for a few seconds and then off. LED strip indicates it’s on medium speed but the fan does not run.
  2. From Off to slow > Fan turns at low speed as expected
  3. From off to high > Fan turns at high speed as expected
  4. When fan set to medium but it is stopped and change fan switch to off > Fan turns a couple turns very slowly and stops
  5. When Fan set to Low and change to High > Fan has no issue running at high speed
  6. When Fan is set to High and change to low > Fan has no issue running at low speed.

This may end up being a moot point as I am also having separate flickering issues with the light but I’ve just read in another topic there is a canopy firmware that needs to be applied and it’s being handled with a canopy module swap so maybe that takes care of both issues but I thought it might be worth documenting the loss of medium speed control in case it’s helpful to the cause. My guess is whatever modulates/cuts the power to medium has failed (relay? more likely a diode?).

Probably lost the medium capacitor. I’d recommend starting a ticket with support for an RMA.

@LandCruiser, Did you get a response from Inovelli for this issue? I have the exact same issue with my LZW36 (Date code 1020), and can’t seem to get the issue resolved. Any solution that you can share would be greatly appreciated.

I have a ticket open with them, and as of now their response rate seems to be about once every three days (argh).

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Thanks for the tag!

@AeroGoob - I think @Courtney_Inovelli just picked up the ticket from Christian, correct? Sorry about the delay.

Thanks @Eric_Inovelli and @Courtney_Inovelli for picking this up!

It looks like a hardware change is the solution. Thanks @Courtney_Inovelli for sending the replacement module!