LZW36 not paired from factory/ wont pair

After installing my canopy and switch the canopy goes into pairing mode after 30 seconds right out of the box when breaker is turned on. Ok? So I have to manually pair it right? When I put the switch into pairing mode It will blink green that it has paired but my canopy module stays in pairing mode for the full 2 minutes and the switch is never able to control it. I’ve attempted pairing several times with the same exact result. I assume once my switch blinks green my canopy should exit pairing mode but it seems to be malfunctioning. What do?

If you are certain the the canopy is connected correctly, you could start by trying to rule out signal limitations; … How far from the switch is the canopy, and are there any obstructions between them?, have you attempted to connect the two with the canopy’s cover removed while the canopy antenna is in a vertical alignment?

Update: So I was able to get the canopy and switch to pair only after removing the canopy cover and popping the switch out of the wall. The switch is about 8 ft from the fan and has direct line of site. In this configuration the canopy would still miss over half the commands and would sometimes stop functioning all together and I would have to reset it. It seemed like each time I would re-pair them it would get a little more reliable. Im assuming this is because it finds a new channel that’s “cleaner” and that my problem is a weak signal.

After updating to the 1.34 beta firmware everything seems to be working. I can put my canopy cover on and the switch is mounted in the wall now. Definitely not user friendly. Not sure why the RF would be so gimped out of the box.

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There was a bug in the initial firmware that caused the RF communication between the switch and canopy to repeatedly lockup up/fail under certain circumstances. Some setups seemed to be far more susceptible than others to its affects, while some people had virtually no issues. I’m not sure it was ever spelled out as to what exactly the contributing factors were that triggered the bug, but the firmware update was largely the fix. Looks like your environment was among the more drastically affected though. Glad the update fixed it.

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