LZW36 not working with fan w/ existing remote module & 3 motor wires

Hello! I recently tried wiring up an LZW36 to a fan I bought off of Lamps Plus that came with a remote module. The remote module has the normal blue light wire, which is working perfectly with the LZW36 light control.

My problem is that the remote module that came with the fan has three motor wires:

  • Red (labeled “motor 1”)
  • Purple (labeled “motor 2”)
  • Gray (labeled “motor 3”)

I’ve tried hooking each up separately and all of them at the same time to the LZW36’s red wire without any luck.

Any ideas on how I could get this to work?

This is just a guess at this point, but is that fan motor a DC motor? If so, it is not compatible.

With three taps coming off of the controller I suspect that it may be DC. Additionally, both the model number and the description of the controller have “DC” in them, which further raises my suspicions.

Review your documentation and do some research to determine the type of motor that you have. If that is a DC motor, the LZW-36 is not compatible.

Yeah, appears so. Definitely a bummer that these don’t support DC fans.