LZW36 Parameter 50 like the LZW31-SN have

With the recent discussion of switch speeds in the Zigbee switch thread, It dawned on me to take a look at my LZW36. And I was bummed to see that parameter 50 is not on it. The 700ms delay is pretty slow to me. I have a few LZW31-SNs at 200ms delay and that seems decently responsive. And yes, I am using scene control on it, So I cant disable the delay.

It seems to me that Parameter 50&51 could be combined. 0ms is disable delay and scene, and the other increments for how fast you want based on how fast the user can multi tap. Just seems a bit redundant, but maybe its required based on other things.

As I remember, the latest LZW36 firmware - 1.36 does add parameter 51 that allows you to turn off (but not configure) the 700ms delay. I think LZW31-SN parameters 50 & 51 both exist for historical reasons. The on or off option was added first, then the configurable time happened later. It was probably done as a separate parameter so as not to break things for people who were already using the prior version.