LZW36-S Fan/Light Dimmer - How to use with a fan that does not have a light attached

We’re currently rebuilding our house and have an electrician coming out all this week to start installing Innoveli switches among other things.

Our bedrooms have one two gang switch in them:
Side one - Connected to the four overhead recessed can lights Innoveli Dimmer Switch will control these.
Side two - Connected to an overhead fan that we purchased, this fan does not have a light on it. I’m wanting to use the fan/light switch to control the fan.

Our house will use Home Assistant, my ultimate goal is to use a innoveli dimmer switch to control the overhead lights and use the fan button on the fan/light dimmer switch to control the fan.

That leaves the functionality of the light button on the fan/light switch, ideally I’d like to use this in a “detached switch mode” if possible where the light button doesn’t actually control a physical relay but instead will send signals to Home Assistant that I can do what I want with.

This all sounds great but I’m not sure how I will actually wire this, has anybody wired one of these switches to a fan without a light before?
Are there any limitations that I will run into?
Does the Fan/light switch support using the light dimmer as a detached switch (software switch only)?

You will just leave the blue wire capped at the fan canopy. Then you’ll use the light button as a scene controller rather than a light. I now have a fan/light installed, but I don’t have it in a zwave network yet. I’d imagine there’s a mode that allows you to disabled actual light command and just use it for scenes.

Thanks for your reply, we have our electrician setting these up right now and will confirm that this has worked once we have our power turned on.

All I want to know is how you got your hands on the fan / light switch :laughing: I’ve been lurking stock notifications for weeks.

But anyway I would imagine just capping the wire for the light in the canopy module would do what you want. Then just listen for the zwave notifications on the button presses, I assume. I would think you could also directly associate that switch to something else as well.

PM me! I can probably find you a refurb in the office! We will not have new stock in for quite some time.