Lzw36 speeds up and slows down fan on own

Occasionally my fan that I keep usually about 30% will increase speed and then return to normal set, I presume. This will continue until I pull the air gap. Has only happened a few times, but unfortunately 2 of those times I was at work and my wife was trying to sleep as she works night shift. She wasn’t happy.

Any suggestions on why this is happening?
Using SmartThings, although I don’t believe the issue is with ST.
When this happens there is no indication on the switch that the level is changing.

Just to be sure, it is not being set to 1%, right? If the speed is set to 1% it will activate breeze mode, which causes the speed to fluctuate.

That sure seems like the mode it was in, but I leave it about 30%.

At about 0130 this morning I woke up cold and my fan was on 100%. Lowered it back to 30%. It did show 100% in ST this time though.

So I just looked at the history in ST. It did show 1% at the time of speed up and down. I had no idea about this breeze option. After I did the airgap and toggled the fan I must have turned it to 100% inadvertently and just didn’t realize until the house cooled down overnight and I woke up cold.

Thanks for your help. Are you aware how to disable this breeze option? I’d never use it because my fan makes too much noise ramping up and slowing down. That’s the main issue with it.

In settings, set the minimum fan level to 2.

Worked like a charm! I appreciate the help.

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