Lzw36 wiring help

I purchased the lzw36 fan light switch and was wondering if I could ask a couple questions. The current ceiling fan is a Hunter 23530-420 model that is hooked up to a toggle wall switch, the switch turns on power and runs the light. There is a seperate remote control which controls fan settings 1-2-3 and light on or off. In the gang box there are only 3 wires- Black-white and Red. Can you offer the proper way to wire the fan to the fan module. Thanks for any help you can provide.

The first thing to confirm is that the fan has a 120V AC motor, as opposed to a DC motor. I couldn’t find anything in the way of specs for your fan; however, since it appears to be an older model it’s likely AC. You should confirm nonetheless.

You are going to replace the existing receiver in the fan with the Inovelli canopy module. For the output side, you will need to identify the load wires going to the light and the fan. You’ll then connect the Inovelli module’s red wire to the fan load wire and the Inovelli module’s blue wire to the light load wire. You’ll also connect the neutral wire for the fan and light to the AC neutral.

For the AC power side of things, it sounds as if you have a 3-wire Romex in the switch box on the wall with red, black and white conductors (ignoring the bare ground). That suggests that the power is coming into the fan box first. Presuming you have Romex, you should have a 2-wire (black/white) that brings power into the fan box. Be careful when working in the box, as flipping the fan wall switch will not cut power to the box. Use the breaker.

In the ceiling box, you will also have a 3-wire Romex in the fan box (which is going to the fan switch). Find the incoming black (hot) wire and connect it to both the black on the Inovelli module and the black of the 3-wire going back to the switch. Find the incoming white (neutral) and connect it both to the white on the Inovelli module and the white on the 3-wire going back to the switch. Cap off the red on the 3-wire, it isn’t used.

What the last step does is provide power to the Inovelli module at the fan AND sends power back to the switch box. The black wire in the switch box will be constantly hot, so turn of the breaker when working in that box. Connect the black to the line terminal on the Inovelli switch and the white to the neutral terminal on the Inovelli switch. Cap off the red.


thanks for the info Bryan.

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Is there a brand of ceiling fan that works best with the LZW36 switch.Whats a better companion to the switch remote control or chain operation. Thanks.

For sure the dumber the fan the better. Chain is best.