LZW36 wiring - will this work?

I picked up another LZW36 and started to wire it up before I got stuck. Here is what I’m trying to do

  • Ceiling fan (no light on it) controlled by fan button LZW36
  • 2x 16W can LED lights controlled by light button on LZW36

I have a simple toggle switch for the can lights in the same box as the fan control. The fan control is a rotary control. BUT it looks like the prewired it for a light on the fan via a separate switch, even though there isn’t one. Going out up to the fan are two wires joined together a black and a red. Inside the fan canopy the red matches the red to control the fan and the black is tied to a blue wire that as far as I can tell, isn’t used since the fan didn’t get installed with its optional light module. Since I now have an extra wire in that bundle, can I use it to run the blue wire from the zwave canopy down into the box and tie it into the load wire for the 2 can lights?

Excuse my AWFUL ms pain skillz.
Not pictured in the Before picture - the other switch
Not pictured in the after - sending bundling up the neutrals together for the LZW36 and the can lights.

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With the disclaimer of “I’m definitely not an electrician… But I’m an engineer, do I delusionally think I can figure stuff out”, it looks legit to me. I briefly thought through the question of… “what if that was originally a different circuit and the neutral is coming from elsewhere”… But 1) neutrals all come together in the box anyway. And 2) this is where the light was originally switched from, so this is where your hot for the light originally came from anyway, right?

I think 2 is the important one… You’re probably fine, but without knowing #2 is true I think you could theoretically over current something on the neutral if it joined with something else and the light hot somehow ended up coming from a different breaker… If that makes sense. Either way, sounds like 2 is true so that doesn’t matter…I think you’re good.

Everything in that box is in on the same breaker - so I’m thinking I’m ok.

Looks good to me, this wiring will work fine. Your MS Paint skills aren’t so bad.

Update: It works!

Also, as much as I love all the insane functionality of this switch, the canopy module is such a chore to finesse into place. I’m sure there are canopies with space for days… but my fans sure aren’t in that group.

I agree, the canopy module was a real pain to fit into my fixture as well. In the end I had to shave off the security cable hook to make room, and it took 2 of us to jam it all back into place. I worry a bit about the fan vibrations causing the wiring to rub, where it exits the fan steel post and is squished against the canopy module. I have 3 of the same fans in my house, and am not looking forward to doing the second one.

Agree. It’s as small as they could get it and it JUST BARELY fits in a canopy.

I actually mounted mine off to the side on my fans with larger covers. Much easier and the antenna could be directed/facing the switch!