LZW36 with AC electric motor (fireplace blower)?

I’m looking for a way to control speed on my fireplace blower (2 x AC motors) Currently I have it hooked up to Inovelli on/off red switch and it shows power usage to be between 50 and 60 but more in high 50’s.

I only need single dedicated switch but I’m willing to eat the cost of the light switch that is part of LZW36. it just will be non functional switch or scene trigger.

Now is it possible to use this switch with AC motor? I assume I would have to install canopy module in the fireplace and the switch in the box.

Last question does this fan control has predefined speeds like 100% 75% 50% or is it fully adjustable from 100% to 0%.

Thank you.

You may be able to use the LZW36 as a fireplace motor. It should support the load. The LZW36 only supports AC motor loads (not DC), so it should work. You’ll only have 3 speeds available, assuming your blower doesn’t have an inline pet to adjust speed.

I don’t use the Inovelli fan for blower control, but I have had good luck with Zooz Multirelay for controlling the fireplace flame. I believe you can wire the blower inline to control the blower as well, but it would be one speed only.