LZW42 Bulb - Docs?

Does anyone have the docs for the ZWave parameters? I see them mentioned in the spec sheet, but since the site redesign, the document is no longer there. Maybe there is guidance in that document, too, because I’m a bit confused regarding the bulb’s capabilities. Using the Color (string) parameter, RGB/WW/CW all seem to be mutually exclusive while I was playing with it last night, which is weird. I figured we would be able to set RGB and W level simultaneously.

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What hub are you using?


I write my own software with OpenZWave.

I can’t send a pdf but below is the essence of the info I have.

The “manual” is on their new site but not I a logical path.

I hope this helps.

BTW inclusion is accomplished by turning on the bulb when the hub is looking to include a device. Same process for exclusion

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Sorry about the redesign and having things in different areas. For reference, you can find all manuals here: https://support.inovelli.com/portal/kb/articles/inovelli-device-manuals

As for specific questions around parameters and to help with writing software, I’ll defer to @EricM_Inovelli for any help you need there. Really cool that you write your own stuff though!

There is a priority of which color is actually shown by the bulb which is seen in the image by @JohnRob. Lots of Z-Wave bulbs are like this (all of them that I have used, but I’m not sure if that is all of them out there). The table is a little confusing to me because from my experience RGB have the same priority and WW and CW are as represented in the table. Basically, if you use the SWITCH_COLOR command class and send the command:

zwave.switchColorV3.switchColorSet(red: 10, green: 40, blue: 90, warmWhite:23, coldWhite:15)

according to the table, the color displayed is going to be WW even though you send values for all the other colors. In the following command you will see CW:

zwave.switchColorV3.switchColorSet(red: 10, green: 40, blue: 90, warmWhite:0, coldWhite:15)

What I do when changing the colors is set the colors I am not using to 0 as seen in the following commands:

zwave.switchColorV3.switchColorSet(red: 10, green: 40, blue: 90, warmWhite:0, coldWhite:0)

zwave.switchColorV3.switchColorSet(red: 0, green: 0, blue: 0, warmWhite:0, coldWhite:15)

zwave.switchColorV3.switchColorSet(red: 0, green: 0, blue: 0, warmWhite:50, coldWhite:0)

I use OpenZwave with Zwave2MQTT, and pass color data as a string in the format “#RRGGBBWWCW

I found that the bulb can only display color (RRGGBB) or White (WWCW), but not combinations of both. If the WW or CW values are anything other than 00, the bulb will ignore the RGB values and display a white color.

Thanks, guys. I see. I’m accustomed to Ketra LED lamps where you just send chromaticity coordinates for the RGB color and independently adjust the intensity of the emitter’s white LED. I assumed that would be the case here as well. Oops! :slight_smile: Is there a physical limitation (power, heat dissipation) or was it just a decision made in firmware to simplify the external interface? Or is there not a white LED in the emitter?
Also, what is the Color Channels config parameter for?

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