LZW42 bulb white channels in Home Assistant / Z-Wave JS UI

I am running Home Assistant 2023.7.3 with Z-Wave JS UI 8.22.0. I am using the Z-Wave JS integration in HA (no MQTT, node red, etc).

I have a LZW42 with fw v2.31 that I included in Z-Wave JS UI with no encryption. The device info, values, etc all appear as expected in UI. There are values under Color Switch v1 where I can manually set warm white, cold white, R, G, and B values and the bulb responds.

In Home Assistant, the light card in the dashboard only shows RGB settings (which work) – but no warm white or cold white settings. If I Download Diagnostics for the device in HA, the light entity shows “supported_features”:32 instead of 177.

I tried adding a “supported_features: 177” override in HA’s customize.yaml under the light entity id, and restarted HA and re-interviewed the device, but this did not seem to help. Download Diagnostics still shows supported_features:32.

Any suggestions on how to enable the white channel controls? Or any other settings, logs, etc I should check? Thanks!

HA 2023.7.3 with Zwave JS UI 8.22.0. Bulbs on FW v2.31

Color temp controls are definitely supported. This is the entity card

Which light card are you using on your dashboard?
I use the mushroom cards and it’s an option

type: custom:mushroom-light-card
entity: light.night_light_bulb
use_light_color: true
show_brightness_control: true
show_color_temp_control: true
show_color_control: true
collapsible_controls: true
name: Night Light Bulb
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MRobi, thank you for your help. I am using the standard entities card, and it opens the standard light control (like your first pic) when I click on it.

I do have the third (white?) color selector that you highlighted – and after some further testing, I think I was not clearly understanding how that card works. I assumed it was mixing a white color based on RGB since I could only seem to find specific RGB channel values anywhere on the card. I now see, if I watch the channels in Z-Wave JS UI, that the white card is only mixing cool/warm white channels on the bulb. Also, I was only clicking around the wheel, and now see that if you drag around it shows the K temperature at the top. I guess that explains why they don’t specifically show the white channel values, but just clicking around I could never seem to get the whites to look right again.

Anyway, I think it is working correctly. I’ve been thinking about trying mushroom cards, and probably will now that I see yours – that warm/cool slider makes a lot more sense to me than the wheel. Thanks again!!

Glad you got it figured out!

I’ve built my entire dashboard around mushroom cards and card mod. Makes it infinitely customizable. Be warned, it’s a pretty deep rabbit hole to go down LOL I don’t even want to think about how many hours I have into my dashboard and it’s still not quite perfect for me.