LZW42 Dimming Question

I am a Hubitat user. I have a pair of LZW42 Multi-Color bulbs in a group that I am controlling through a pair of Event Engine cogs. The first cog turns the group on and sets to 40% when mode switches to evening (-30 to sunset) then back off when the mode changes to night mode.

The second cog dims them to 5% over 30 minutes beginning at 2000. Both cogs function mostly fine, However, when the second cog fires, they momentarily (5 seconds) jump up to full brightness (I would be fine with them as is, but it’s impacting WAF) before returning to 40% then beginning the scheduled dim. The app developer has been great working with me and helping me determine it’s nothing in the cog or how I have written it. Is there something in these bulbs that is causing them to jump up to full brightness before returning and then beginning dimming? Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Below are the current configurations for one of the bulbs, but both are identical.

Thank you for any ideas or suggestions/