LZW42 Firmware 2.30 issue

Recently updated the LZW42 bulbs to the newest firmware. Using ST mostly noticed improvements but I seem to have lost communication between my Red Series dimmer and associated bulbs via app control, on/off works but level adjustments aren’t being transmitted. Shows in the logs as Device digital from the switch but no response from the bulbs. I have tried Associations 2+4, 3 and 3+4 all with the same results. Physical interactions are transmitted. Multiple Z wave repairs and trying the “WWST” DTH and the LZW42 have the same results. Prior to the update the setup worked as expected.

Hmm. Remote dimming is working fine here on Hubitat. Seems like maybe just a ST Driver thing? I am only using Group 2+4 here For local control.

I am controlling a group of 3 in a fan combo. I found 2+4 had timing issues, popcorn effect turning off. The delay with association 3 is acceptable and keeps the wife happy with the lights in unison. I am also running ST Beta and have reported there as well in case there were changes on their end. Hub firmware and bulb firmware were done the same day so not sure which end to chase. Another hub update rolled through lastnight with same results.

So you are using only association 3? I have some bathroom lights that turn on/off in sequence, and my wife would LOVE them to turn on at the same time (more naturally).

I am tracking your thread over on ST forums with the same username as well.

Yeah for group control Association 3 is recommended in some Z wave docs I’ve read, but will result in some delay as the group is synced, but better than the 3 lights racing to turn on/off. I have also been following your experiences both to try to figure out the ST integrations and the hiccups that are going on. I have a few other associated devices by various manufacturers without these issues. I have a pretty strong electronics/communications background but am just getting into the coding and relating each line to specific z wave commands, and where there maybe differences across platforms. I too am on the edge of leaving ST for Hubitat or another platform but really want to see this through.

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