LZW42 not able to add securely to HomeSeer

I have several LZW42 bulbs I’m trying to add to my HomeSeer (HS4) system. When I try to add one, the HomeSeer reports failure to get a security scheme using S0 security:

Add Node started...
Activate the 'Add to Network' function on the device...
A new node is being added...
Adding a new SLAVE NODE...
DONE - Add Node Operation is Complete.
Done. Node 42 Added.
Reloading (importing) node information...
Synchronizing node information with HomeSeer and creating new device(s) as necessary...
Synchronize nodes finished. Number of device nodes to be created/added = 1
Adding using S0 Security, Negotiating or Verifying SECURITY SCHEME for node 42
Warning: Failed to get a SECURITY SCHEME or verify the key from node 42. Device may not be added properly to HomeSeer.
Warning: If this is an import, you may need to remove and add the device as some devices cannot be added with an import.
Z-Wave manufacturer information for node 42, ID: 798=31EH (UNKNOWN), Type: 5=5H, ID: 1=1H
Node 42 is Z-Wave version: Lib: 4.38 App: 2.31
Node 42 is a Z-Wave Plus node. Retrieving ZWPlus Info...
Node 42Supports Color Capability ID Warm White
Node 42Supports Color Capability ID Cold White
Node 42Supports Color Capability ID Red
Node 42Supports Color Capability ID Green
Node 42Supports Color Capability ID Blue
All associations for node 42 have been retrieved successfully, it supports associations on these groups: 1.
Root Node Device Node 42 Z-Wave Switch was created for node 42 on network EC46A97A
Internal: Adding association for Z-Wave device Node 42 Z-Wave Switch (Node 42, Group 1) to HomeSeer
7 out of 7 Child devices of node 42 were created successfully.

After this, the bulbs seem to work fine, but I’m new enough to this whole Z-Wave thing that I’m not sure whether I should be worried about this and trying to fix it. Things I’ve tried:

  • removing/excluding the bulb before each attempt
  • factory resetting the bulb (on/off x6)
  • moving the bulb and the HomeSeer within 6" of each other

Should I keep trying to run up this hill, or is this a red herring and I should go with what I have? Thanks in advance.

Why are you pursuing security? Honest question, as I’ve never worried about it and mine work flawlessly!

That’s a reasonable question… I guess I’m just trying to make sure everything is working as designed – having warnings come up makes me worry I might have other problems, maybe systemic, that haven’t shown up yet.

I’m sorta still just finding my way around z-wave, so it’s entirely possible I’m worrying about nothing.

S0 security was added as an option to get it to pair with an S0 switch so they could talk to each other on smartthings (there was a past issue where Smartthings basically required S0 on the bulb, and therefore, any grouped switch). S0 is MASSIVELY inefficient compared to S2 and non-secure, with non-secure being the fastest in my experience. I would recommend not worrying about security for a bulb, and moving on :smiley:. Locks/garages/security components definitely should be secure though.

Excellent, that’s all good to know. I’ll stop beating my head against the wall. Thanks for the feedback!