LZW42 RGBW Bulb Power Loss options

So, according to both the ilumin and inovelli documents, Parameter 2 has either a 0 or 1 value, and seems to indicate either that the bulb should turn on (0) or go to the previous state (1). Is this correct? The wording for the parameter - “Returns to the last ON state” and “Returns to last state (ON or OFF)” - seems a bit confusing. Also, is ON meant to be “full brightness ON” or “last brightness setting ON”?

Further to add to confusion (and likely a separate issue or not even an issue for inovelli at all) is the Z-Wave JS Config Database that seems to indicate three settings - Previous State, ON, and OFF. Was a third option added to this light since its release that has not been documented on the Firmware Change-log?

Finally, would it be possible to add “default brightness” parameter options for controlling how bright (and/or what color) the bulb should restore to, upon restoration of power? Would that being coded into the bulb itself even make sense? If so, consider this my formal request for that feature addition. :wink:

The “last on state” should be whatever state the bulb was in the last time it was on: level/brightness plus color or color temperature. The “last state (on or off)” would return it to whatever the previous state was, which could be a specific level and color/CT, but it could also be off. This depends on the state the bulb was in when the power was cut. (This is my preference, by the way. Not all bulbs have this feature, but it’s often asked for if they don’t!) It will not turn on to full brightness unless that is the state that was captured and to which it is being restored.

I’m not sure about that third option (value 2/off) for parameter 2. I can’t find that in any official documentation, either. I see they also had it in the OpenZWave config file back in the early days, but it’s missing from the Hubitat driver and SmartThings device handler. Zwavejs apparently has it, so I’m not sure what to make of it other than maybe trying it and seeing if it works…

Can’t speak to the last feature request — other than that this, of course, is a Z-Wave device. If it’s made by the same OEM as their Red Series switches/dimmers, that OEM may not be open to feature additions at this time, and there is apparently some dispute about who owns the firmware. So, I wouldn’t hold my breath. :smiley:

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Thanks for the reply. I’m still a bit confused by the two settings, but setting 1 (ON or OFF) behaves as I prefer, so that works for me. Setting 0 seems to always have them on when there’s a power loss. Changing to whatever setting 2 is seems to do nothing even though Home Assistant/Z-Wave JS reports as it being set successfully (due to the config, most likely, not actually a report… but I don’t know).

If anyone with the company could confirm the valid parameter settings, that would be great. I could fix the config and do a pull request for the db repo pretty easily if it’s needed.

The whole “who owns it?” thing is an unfortunate and problematic issue in software development, sadly. No matter, I just thought I’d suggest it!