LZW42 suddenly doesn't want to change white, Hubitat

I have two LZW42 bulbs set up in my Hubitat. These bulbs worked great for over a year but all of a sudden I am now having issues with them changing to white via scenes. I can go to the device page and change them to white and also can do so through Alexa. But, I can no longer change them to white through scenes, or even a dashboard. I’m having no issues controlling them via scenes for colors. Colors work fine. The problem is only with white temperatures. I’m not sure why this is all of a sudden an issue.

Is there a new firmware that I need?

Honestly this sounds like a Hubitat issue and not an inovelli one. I would post over there and see if anyone else is having similar issues.

I’m not sure these days who our Hubitat folks are outside of @Hubitat being a member here.

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Thanks for the tag. It appears that @BranDot has cross posted in our community. For others who are watching this issue, please check out this thread:


I changed the drivers to the stock Inovelli ones included with Hubitat. When I set these bulbs up initially, I had to use a user made driver because the stock ones were causing issues with my hub for some reason.

So far, so good though with these new Inovelli drivers.


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Mark as resolved if it seems fixed @BranDot!

I seemed to have resolved this issue by changing my drivers to the newer Hubitat Inovelli drivers.

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