LZW45 Light Strip Edge driver & effects

Starting a new topics as I did not receive a reply in the edge driver thread:

Any update or progress for LZW45 light strips using. Edge? Is there a way to configure effects with edge driver?

Been four months since “finishing up” was noted on the posted driver.

Trying this time with a tag.@EricM_Inovelli any updates to provide? Or will the light strips be limited to quick effects/notifications?

We have added a “custom effect” capability that can be used with the custom effect tool from @nathanfiscus. Still working on the pixel effect one. Might take a few hours to show up.

Inovelli LED Strip Toolbox (nathanfiscus.github.io)


Woot woot! Updated driver with Custom effects made its way to my hub. Happy to know this and pixel effects will still be part of post-edge capabilities. Thank you!

Sorry for the delay on this, but I did add the “Pixel Effect” capability to the Edge driver. It should make it to your hub shortly.

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