LZW45(Light Strips) Home Assistant Z-Wave JS integration

Hey guys! I recently made the switch from smart things to home assistant and trying to figure it all out. I’m having some issue with both sets of LZW45’s that I have at the moment. One set, when triggering a scene to change color and brightness, it will take 3-5 times of triggering that scene before the brightness adjust right. For example, I have a light blue color with a 25% brightness in a scene. When first triggering that scene, it would take it to around a 10% brightness purple. If I trigger it a few times, it will eventually correct itself. My other set will dim down after I set them to 100. They will come on at the brightness and slowly dim down at increments until it gets to around 80% brightness.
Lastly, they both will not set the the color that I click on the color wheel. I can click green and it will be blue, and some colors will not change at all when I select them.

I assume I have something integrated wrong through Z-Wave JS. I just did a normal Z-Wave integration. As I mentioned, I’m very new to HA so it’s likely I’m missing a simple add on or something. Thanks in advance for your help!

Welcome :raising_hand_man: How many zwave devices do you have? Did you try reverting the open zwave config changes?

For everyone else @taylordtriplett tried to follow the old open zwave guide but is using zwave-js.

I did. Unfortunately no help. I’ve narrowed the issue down to just the lights and not the scene. White seem to work fine, colors barely work at all. Still haven’t figured out the dimming issue, but that’s minor.

Which guide exactly? Some of them have you editing or adding files that either won’t exist or won’t have any effect anyways.

How are you running HA and how did you install ZwaveJS?

I can’t remember the exact file, but everything that was changed during the process has been completely wiped so that shouldn’t be an issue. Also not sure how I installed zwavejs, just followed a YouTube tutorial. I’ve never had any other issues with zwave devices though, just both sets on light strips. I have 10 other zwave devices.