LZW45 Modification For LED Channel

I have been waiting for an RGB addressable controller for a while as I did not want to go the dyi route. This controller is just what I needed and will make the 3yr old very happy but I need to use commonly available RGB addressable light strips. The connectors on the LED strip that ship with controller are to large for the LED channel(12mm ID) that I have installed. I am looking for anyone that may have done this that might have worked this out already.
My current plan:

  1. Cut 4ft extension to splice in 2 extra ft(6foot total)
  2. Pull Power+/-, control wires to standard rgb strip

Any in put on the plan that might save me a mistake would be appreciated.
If anyone would like to see the finish project let me know and I will post pictures.

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They are planning to add support for alternative strips in a future firmware update. I would be interested to see if your method works in the meantime.

I’m also looking for a 90-degree aluminum channel if anyone knows of one LZW45 that will fit in?

I don’t know if you’ll find any 90-degree channels. I think most people just cut 45’s and mate.

The connectors on the strip are a hair shy of 16mm, so look for a wider channel. You can find them on Amazon and Alibaba.

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