LZW45 Scene Control in Home Assistant?

Is there any way to set up Scene Control (tap 1x, 2x, 3x, etc.) for the light strip in Home Assistant? I have the red series dimmer and fan/light switch button presses configured using a blueprint, but I haven’t been able to find something similar. I see that SmartThings has the ability in the how-to articles. If I knew anything about creating blueprints, I would give it a go myself

There may be a better way but they way I have done it is to watch for a specific event and create an automation. This is technically using a zooz wireless remote that when this event happens it turns on Inovelli led strips. I am watching for a single “up” tap

This is one is on an Inovelli red dimmer and is watching for an “up” or “down” triple tap. The event triggers the same regardless

I have found both to be very fast. Hope that helps!

I have some nearby red dimmers that I may use in a similar way, but I was hoping to use the buttons on the light strip controller itself.

Ohhh apologies for misunderstanding! You might be able to use the event log to listen if home assistant capture those button presses, or if the strip controller sends them.

No problem. I’ll see if home assistant captures those button presses