LZW45 status reports with zwavejs

When using zwavejs and Home Assistant (or zwavejs2mqtt), I noticed that the LZW45 does not send a Multilevel Switch report when setting the brightness from the hub. This typically isnt a problem when setting the brightness to a known value (0-99), as zwavejs assumes the command was successful based on the SupervisionCCReport reply.

However, when setting a brightness level of 255 (last state), zwavejs does not know what brightness the LED strip turned on to. The only way for zwavejs to know the actual brightness is for the LED strip to send a report (my understanding is that zwavejs will ultimately try to get zwave certified, which means it cannot poll Z-Wave+ V2 devices).

Should the LZW45 send status reports whenever the brightness value changes?

17:27:10.707 SERIAL » 0x010e001330076c0195032601ff25d80b                                  (16 bytes)
17:27:10.707 DRIVER » [Node 048] [REQ] [SendData]
                      │ transmit options: 0x25
                      │ callback id:      216
                        │ session id:      21
                        │ request updates: true
                            target value: 255
17:27:10.714 SERIAL « [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
17:27:10.720 SERIAL « 0x0104011301e8                                                       (6 bytes)
17:27:10.720 SERIAL » [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
17:27:10.721 DRIVER « [RES] [SendData]
                        was sent: true
17:27:10.739 SERIAL « 0x01070013d800000231                                                 (9 bytes)
17:27:10.739 SERIAL » [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
17:27:10.739 DRIVER « [REQ] [SendData]
                        callback id:     216
                        transmit status: OK
17:27:10.750 SERIAL « 0x010b00040030056c0215ff0041                                        (13 bytes)
17:27:10.751 SERIAL » [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
17:27:10.751 DRIVER « [Node 048] [REQ] [ApplicationCommand]
                          session id:          21
                          more updates follow: false
                          status:              Success
                          duration:            [Duration: 0seconds]

I thought 0 was last state? Perhaps I am mistaken. In HA I leave at 0 for brightness and it fires up at last state.

I think you are referring to the Default Level config parameters.

When sending a brightness command, a value of 0 = off, 1-99 is a brightness level between 1% and 100%, and a value of 255 means the device should turn on to the most recent (non-zero) brightness level.


The problem I am running into is that the device does not send a report back to the hub when setting the brightness via zwave, so when I send a value of 255 (0xFF), I dont know what brightness the strip is turning on to without polling the device.

Yep, I was thinking of brightness_pct:


0 returns it to last state.

Disregard :smiley: