LZW45 strip full functionality in Home Assistant?

I’ve been looking for some time and just cannot seem to find an answer…

How do I use Home Assistant to control an LZW45 light strip? Specifically, I’d like to be able to press a button on screen to fire up a specific effect, such as Aurora.

My Home Assistant setup uses zwavejs2mqtt and MQTT/mosquitto.

I’m able to turn on and off the lights as well as change brightness. However, color changes from the basic RGB selector don’t take effect, and changing settings via zwavejs2mqtt to select Aurora has no effect.

I’m looking for a typical sequence of steps to trigger a particular effect. Initially, using the zwavejs2mqtt device settings would be helpful. In the end I’d like to be able to do the same thing via Lovelace dashboard widgets.

Thank you!

I think this may be helpful to get you going, it’s what I’m using as well and then triggering the service call via an automation though I’m sure you could end up controlling it off a widget, etc as well - Inovelli LED Strip (LZW45) Pixel Effects Script - Share your Projects! - Home Assistant Community

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Not OP, but sadly that doesn’t work for me with ZWave JS. I’d love for it to though, since my current work around is a nasty manual MQTT push and can’t reference the devices as named in HASS. That zwave_js.bulk_set_partial_config_parameters looks much more convenient, but sadly this results in:

NotImplementedError: Configuration values of undefined type can't be set

Interesting, I turned the strip off and on via the normal parameter (little switch in UI) and now I don’t get that error. It is odd that Home Assistant doesn’t provide a RGB chooser for the switch, the ZWave JS control panel recognizes the color switch parameters and draws all the controls :-/

@chack Thank you. I had given that script a try, but I’m not using the Z-Wave JS integration - just MQTT and the zwavejs2mqtt addon in Supervisor. As a result the zwave_js.bulk_set_partial_config_parameters function does not exist.

@angryllama I’m wondering if we can modify the script that chack references to fire command messages to MQTT that do what zwave_js.bulk_set_partial_config_parameters does. What do you mean by manual MQTT push? Are you entering values in the UI manually and then firing them off? Which UI are you using? Or if a different approach, would you mind describing more please?


@tlunsf Out of curiosity, why not use the zwave js integration as well? Don’t have to use the mqtt portion of zwavejs2mqtt though you certainly still could I believe?

@angryllama are you saying it’s working now after turning the device off and back on, or still errors out?

I’ve been recovering from a massive disaster that was the move to zwave JS. I have a lot of devices that are not zwave plus, and that’s not a priority in the Home Assistant backlog, and it’s not at all clear just how problematic that’s scenario is with zwave JS. Pretty exasperating.

From the research I’ve done, I have a lot more control with MQTT, and now devices aren’t doubled up in HA after dropping the zwave JS integration. I’ve finally gotten things working again after many wasted weekends and my patience for another big change is absolute zero.

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I get that, it’s really nice just having things working again after banging your head into the wall.

As far as getting it working via MQTT, I’ll defer to angryllama since they’ve got something working with it already.