LZW45 with LZW31 dimming

I have few questions regarding LED Strip

  1. Can I use Red Dimmer LZW31 to dim LED Strip?
  2. Can I use my own 5 pin wire from controller to LED strip, I already have wiring installed behind kitchen cabinet.
  3. I assume I can but will ask anyway can I solder strips together to create corners since these are no longer available?
  4. Can strip be cut to length?

I have outlets on top shelf of kitchen cabinets for the controller, I have 5 pin flat ribbon wire going from top shelf to the bottom of the cabinet behind cabinet. These outlets are controlled by LZW31.
I want to know if I can hook up inovelli led strip and control it using LZW31 including dimming.

Thank you for all help.

  1. You can dim the led strip with the dimmer via associations
  2. I doubt it but maybe @Eric_Inovelli knows
  3. You might be able to use the ‘T’ adapters. The strips are fairly flexible and put a sight twist and bend into mine. No adapter needed.
  4. Strips cannot be cut. They come in 6 inch and 12 inch lengths and snap together. No soldering.

This is a great question – @EricM_Inovelli – do you know the answer to it? I’m thinking it should be ok.

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Should be able as long as it’s wired straight thru and appropriate gauge wire.

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Thank you to everyone for help. I got excited and was ready to order 2 sets but I just noticed that all pictures show 6 pins on wiring and end caps. As I have 5 pin wire installed I don’t think it will work for my application.